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    The 2018 Season is Here.....Are You Ready?

    Schedules for Easy View


    All,   All of the team schedules are available on the Teams drop down and Game Schedule tabs on those pages, unfortunately many have had difficulty finding that or the Calendar page that those show through by Calendar view as well.

    Coach Abseck has asked that I go ahead and put them on the main page for as easy viewing as possible. 

    Please Note!!!!!!! Start Times are different this year, and Coach Abseck DID NOT have a say in this change.  Varsity Game Times are now at 7pm (NOT 7:30pm).  JV and Freshmen Games are primarily at 5:30pm/7pm but there are some 5pm start times, please look every week.

    Please Note!!!!!  Locations may change week to week.  Please look at the schedule every week.  Home games are NOT at CPHS.  We will NOT have games at CPHS for the entirety of 2018.  Please Look at the Schedules for 2018 JV and Freshmen Game Locations.  Coach Abseck did NOT have a say in the location, he worked his absolute hardest to stay as consistent in location as possible.

    Varsity Schedule

    Junior Varsity Schedule

    Freshmen Schedule

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