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High School (9-12) Player Necessities Fall 2018

Player Necessity Sites

Player Checklist of Items  *please review, there are five (5) required links to purchase or fill out information.  The sixth (6) is not mandatory, but is strongly suggested as a leadership and dedication camp that has been highly recommended, and is done as a Cedar Park additional camp.


Mandatory for Fall 2018 Season Incoming 9-12


Please Note - These links are for High School Players in the Fall of 2018.  This DOES include players that are 8th graders in Middle School in the Spring of 2018.  

If your son is an 8th grader in May of 2018, then you should consider him a "9th Grade HS player" now, and sign him up for this accordingly.


The Player Gameday Meals, Shirts, etc listed here are for HS players.  If it has a Wolf on it, it's for HS Players.  CPMS (if your son is a 6th or 7th grade student in May of 2018) Then look on the Middle School tab that is coming soon, or contact your MS Coach.  CPMS can also contact the MS Coordinator at the Booster Club, Amanda Garrett.

3. Strength and conditioning registration (by 6/1) - Click Here

NOTE - Select Cedar Park HS - Then "Strength and Conditioning (M)" NOT Football (M) Then

4. Mandatory Mouthguard - Click Here

This PowerPlus Mouthguard is an oral appliance, not just a "mouthguard". You can look at the website and see more information, but this is the most modern technology available to protect athletes.

5. LISD Athlete Paperwork (by 8/1) - Click Here

Athletes must complete the following forms annually to participate in the T’Wolves football program: LISD Athletic Handbook Guidelines and Insurance Form Concussion Acknowledgement Form SCA Awareness Form Steroid Agreement Form UIL General Rules Acknowledgement Form If you have any questions, please contact David Bowman or Stephany Austin at 512-570-1288.

Optional  . . .  But Highly Recommended


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